Video-based classes in English & Spanish

Video Conference

SDGKU courses use video as their primary mode of instruction, in contrast to the several text-based courses that comprise traditional online programs. The days of online education using text-based instruction is now in the past, and a new era of learning has begun. Our global systems and future-focused videos will provide students a modern form of education that takes advantage of existing communication technologies to facilitate learning.

SDGKU produces all videos for degree programs and global competency certifications at KPBS-TV in San Diego, USA. The video programs are pre-produced and presented by more than 40 internationally-recognized content experts, authors, academicians, instructors, consultants, entrepreneurs and leaders. In addition to the videos presented in each course, students have access to the largest instructional video library in the world as an additional learning resource. All courses and programs can be taken in English or Spanish from anywhere in the world.