English Language Proficiency as a Workskill

English Language Proficiency as a Workskill Levels 1-5 (ELPW)


The new realities of the world require individuals, organizations, communities and nations to develop new “global competencies” to be able to compete successfully in education, business, government and civil society. One such global competency is English language proficiency as a work skill.

This program presents a unique multi-level instructional and testing program designed to develop English language proficiency of non-native speakers of English, assess and certify their mastery in the practical or functional aspects of the language. It uses a scale of five levels (courses) that measure oral communicative skill, listening comprehension and written communication. The program uses the ELPW (English Language Proficiency as a Workskill) system, which provides a detailed evaluation of the individual’s ability to perform specific, criterion-referenced tasks at different proficiency levels.

This program consistis of five sequential courses, from the most basic (Level 1) to the most advanced (Level 5). Each course contains two modules; one for preparation (workbook with audio) and the other for the competency testing. There is a time limit assigned to each test. The maximum duration to complete a course is 2 months. If a student does not pass a course they can request to retake it one time during the 2 month duration.

Credits Available

2 Continuing Education Units (CEU's), 10 Modules with 25 Online Activities, Active Forum

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