About Us


To be the leading university dedicated to the technology-supported delivery of "new generation" global knowledge and the development of competencies essential for a more prosperous and responsible society.


To offer educational programs that help students develop global skills and competencies to achieve their personal success and advance their careers.


As a unique organization with a global technology approach, SDGKU is a San Diego-based private university designed to provide easily accessible, networked, and competency-oriented professional education on a global scale. It has a functioning Governing Board responsible for the quality, integrity and financial sustainability of the institution, and for ensuring that its mission is being carried out.

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Academic Programs

San Diego Global Knowledge University (SDGKU) offers Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctorate degree programs.

Global Competency Certifications

SDGKU also offers unique proprietary non-degree certificate and diploma courses that have been created using carefully designed and internationally published performance standards relevant to our current globalized environment.